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Providers or specialist residential care for young people with extremely challenging, vulnerable & complex needs.

Specialist Floating Support and Supported Living Placements (Post 16)

Inspire Social Care Services is developing into a leading provider of a range of services to support young people preparing to leave care.

We have been already on the Placements Northwest Care Leavers Tender framework, meeting all the required standards. This enables any Local Authority in the Northwest to make a referral to us, where we can then complete our risk and needs assessment working with all relevant professionals.

We are now developing our services into Yorkshire in 2016 to become a preferred provider across the county with a range of services for LAC and Care Leavers.

We provide a range of cost effective services;

  • Floating Support Services (Inspire Social Car Services are already supporting a number of Social Housing Leaving Care Projects)
  • Fully Furnished Group Supported Living Accommodation
  • Fully Furnished, Solo Supported Living Accommodation
  • Support and Accommodation for young people who become homeless
  • Specialised Mother and Child Support and Accommodation Packages
  • Emergency (Crash Bed) and Planned Placement
  • Education and Training
  • Offering Support for services user/s with single or multiple complex needs
  • 24/7, 365 days on call Support for Service User/s and Support team
Inspire continued partnerships with Social and Private Landlords, can give young people the opportunity to take over the tenancy, if demonstrating stability in the accommodation and have a good level of Independence Skills.

Care Leavers Statistics;

  • 9,900 young people formally left the care of local authorities in England during 2013.
  • 34% of care leavers are NEET (not in employment, education or training) at age 19, compared to 18.2% of the general youth population.
  • In 2011 only 14.6% of children who had been looked after for at least a year achieved five good GCSEs including English and maths, compared to 58.1% for non-looked after children.
  • 9% of boys (44% of girls) in Young Offender Institutions have previously been ‘looked after’ by a Local Authority.
Many care leavers experience homelessness and problems finding decent, affordable accommodation. The Children Leaving Care Act 2000 gives local authorities the duty to accommodate young people ‘in need’ and the Homelessness Act 2002 stipulates that local authorities must now deem 16 and 17 year olds and 18 to 21 year olds leaving care to be in priority need of housing.

Inspire Social Care Services Support to Care Leavers

Inspire Social Care Services  will provide Floating Support in our Solo Supported Living Placements for (Post 16) in a 4 phase model for and will consider bespoke packages for young people Post 16 and young adults preparing to leave care or actual care leavers and young people or young adults who are or at risk been homeless.

Additional Support Offered

  • Sleep In
  • Waking Night
  • 1:1 and 2:1 Support
  • Independent Mentor

Education, Training, Employment

Inspire Social Care Services  can offer Training or Education and also support this externally including support with housing and employment within the early stages of any support packages.

Preparing for independence

At Inspire Social Care Services  we believe that young people who are preparing for independence need additional help to increase their chances of being able to successfully live on their own or share with others. Inspire Social Care Services  provides an accredited independence programme, which supports care leavers to increase life skills social and emotional development, raising confidence and self esteem.

That’s why we have set up an Independence Training Programme which lasts 10 sessions – some of which are for either a half or full day in their home or at our training facility.

The programme will provide the following areas

  • Maintain your tenancy
  • Manage your money
  • Maintain positive relationships
  • Keep yourself safe
  • Understand risks about misusing drugs, alcohol and dangerous substances
  • Look after your health
  • Understand the importance of living with others in the community
  • Respect and value yourself
  • Find and secure a place on a course or further education
  • Help you find and secure employment

Making Progress, Evidencing and Measuring Outcomes (Quality of our Support)

At Inspire Social Care Services  we will work with the placing authorities, to put together robust support plans and risk assessments, to ensure the needs of the clients can be met. As part of our packages we will make clear recordings of progress care leavers make, which will be securely stored in our Head Office in-line with our data protection policy and procedure. This can be accessed on request by the client and placing authority.


Inspire Social Care Services   source appropriate accommodation  working in partnership with the local council or Housing Associations and the private rented sector. Inspire Community Service can act as a guarantor, but is not the Landlord). Our existing working partnerships allow us to quickly source accommodation to meet the needs of the young people, care leaver or families. Inspire Social Care Services   are able to take on tenancies for young people and their families, if this is supported by the referred local authorities and the Landlord of the properties.

By initially having a small number of private rented properties available, Inspire Community Service  can react to placement requests by Local Authorities at very short notice and provide emergency accommodation.

  • Safe area assessments working with the local authority and police to ensure all accommodation is suitably located
  • Health and Safety Risk Assessments and periodic Checks
  • Fire Risk Assessment and Equipment Fitted and periodic Checks
  • Gas, Electrical, PAT Certificates
  • Paid TV Licence
  • Provided with Telephone Communication
  • Internet Connection (Referring Authority Request)
  • Well furnished and equipped environments
  • Dedicated, qualified, experienced and committed staff teams
  • CCTV External Support (CSE, Safeguarding related Issues)
  • Support mechanisms to assist the safe and effective support of care leavers
  • Initial Food and Cleaning Provision Shop
  • Utilities, included 16 and 17 years
  • First Electrical/Gas Top up for Post 18
We can provide, bespoke wraparound mental health services for residents who have complex mental health and social care difficulties. Our psychotherapeutic approach is recovery-orientated, informed by Attachment Theory and aims to address unresolved trauma associated with abuse and/ or neglect. In respect of self-harm, a harm minimisation approach is used.

The Key Issues We Work With Include

  • Attachment difficulties – emotional abuse and neglect
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Self-harm
  • Visions, voices and dissociation
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Sexually harmful behaviours
  • Aggression
  • Young people who are diagnosed with mental illnesses or emerging personality disorders – associated with the above issues
  • Learning difficulties